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Help build our children’s future, together. Give children the freedom to express themselves and encourage them to do what they are good at. Nurture young minds through fun based learning and focus on their all-round development.

We Are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

We are a team of young, dynamic, and passionate professionals focused on creating an educational ecosystem that enables children learn in a relaxing environment amidst lots of fun. We create an environment where every child is cared, valued and provided with opportunities that excites them. We come from diverse background who understands the needs of the future and how to prepare children so that they are future ready.

Our Vision

Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

To become an organization that focuses on values, holistic development, and guided by principles to propel brighter minds, sparkle.

A Message From

Our Principal

” Education is a life-long learning process. Learning happens all the time; not only in a pre-designated place called the school. It happens in the home, between home and school too. The home’s and school’s mission therefore is to provide a learning environment and opportunities to the children as the learners.”



What Parents are Saying

“This school is a community of caring students, teachers, and parents. There is so much more than excellent academics being taught here. We could send our children to any of the wonderful schools here in Chatrapur , but at eurokids chatrapur, my girls are able to learn faith based values, pray together, and provide service to our community. This is extremely important to me in a world that I believe is losing the focus on God and family. The same love and safety my girls feel at home is being carried over in their school. I cannot imagine them to be any happier anywhere else!”

“It’s fully digital, Good atmosphere for kids and the school with High profile teachers & uncountable equipment for games. I suggest this school to people who are looking for primary school for their kids.”

“I have walked down the hallways countless times, and have such a sense of pride and appreciation each time I do. Eurokids is a place to be challenged, and students learn and grow in so many ways. It’s a community where your child’s faith is nourished and surrounded by examples not spoken in words, but in actions. Eurokids focuses on so many important values like service, humility, kindness and courage. It’s a place my children have made great friends and memories and learned invaluable lessons that will stay with them forever. Eurokids chatrapur is and always will be a blessing to our family!”


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Location: Pilibandha Road, Chatrapur, Ganjam, Orissa.

Telephone: +91-9348597771

Email: thenewageeuroschool@gmail.com

School Hours: M-F: 9.30am - 3.30pm
S : 9.30am - 01.30pm